cabin fever

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

lurking my head,

there’s no escaping these thoughts.

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

lurking in my head,

the walls are closing in, closer and closer.

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

lurking in my head,

there’s no escaping these worries.

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

lurking in my head,

the ceiling’s caving in, crashing and crashing.

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

lurking in my head,

there’s no escaping that which ails.

I’ve got a case of cabin fever,

the darkness forever cloaks the light of day.


may 16th

may 16th 2001 is the day my life ended,

when the world crashed down into darkness,

and my heart collapsed under the pressure,

it’s been 17 years today…17 years exactly,

and yet sometimes it still seems like yesterday,

or sometimes it feels like it never happened at all,

like I’ll walk into a room and she’ll be there,

but that’s just theoretical heresy in my head,

but don’t be fooled by what they say,

ghosts do exist, but they’re just embedded mentally,

never to leave you and haunt you forevermore,

as it seems though, even ghost has its angel,

a little something of the good reminders,

the thoughts that we tend to push away,

because feeling pain is so much easier,

live on those memories that spark the good,

it’s the only way to keep yourself sane,

it took me years to realize this,

and while most may 16th(s) aren’t as painful,

there are some that still are,

that stab through and twist deep,

and after a good cry, because indeed one is needed,

a deep breath and a smile and a reminder,

helps ease the pain and take off the edge,

and it gets me through until the next year,

when I just play roulette with how I’ll feel,

but I spin and take the chance,

and deep down I know I’m making her proud.

Dear Readers,

Hello to all following and reading my blog. I hope you all are enjoying your stay. As you guys may have noticed, I went on a poetry writing binge. While I enjoy writing the estate sale stories, poetry is something that holds my heart forever. I feel like it’s a piece of me that I can share with the world and if it’s not shared, what’s the point? I have had to take a little break from going to the estate sales anyways. I severely hurt my foot last weekend. We’re remodeling our upstairs bedroom and I had an extremely heavy board fall onto my right foot. It’s been a trying week to try and heal. Luckily, nothing broken, just a very deep gash (I’ll spare you the pictures), stitches, and severe bruising. Yesterday was the first day I could really move around to any real extent and when we went to the estate sales, I couldn’t really explore anything with steps. So, as I have lately, I’ve gotten back on my poetry horse and tossed in an estate sale story as it comes through. I’ll continue this path. Those who write, must, as it keeps the sanity in check.


mother, mother,

how I love you so,

mother, mother,

how I never wanted to let you go,

mother, mother,

this poem is for you,

mother, mother,

when you left I didn’t know what to do,

mother, mother,

a noun that can be objective or subjective,

mother, mother,

nurturing love comes from bright souls,

mother, mother,

I found a soul that carried on your love,

mother, mother,

a soul that still loves like you did

as you watch from above.


feelings so fragile, 

and feelings so paper-thin,

feelings so buried,

and feelings so six feet deep,

feelings so solid,

and feelings so unbreakable,

feelings so persistent,

and feelings so never-ending,

feelings so skewed,

and feelings so ever-changing.